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Hey Guys,

Not sure if I received my first official back off last night… I was playing for about 20 mins and only up around $300, when I was approached by security. They said I fit the description of another guy, that was not allowed in the casino. They asked me for my ID (which I did not give) and ask my name and date of birth (which I also did not give). I wanted to see what you guys think?

Normally, I would say – deny deny deny. You don’t have to deny on this one. You’ve been pegged as a counter (whether good or bad) and they simply wanted your name, age, culinary as well as sexual preferences.

You did the right thing by refusing to answer. You could have instigated some humor value here by displaying ploppy traits such as
– what’s his name
– why did he get kicked out
– other idiotic questions which would promote the ploppy persona

In any event, I’m presuming your refusal had you escorted to the cage and then out the door. You would have done well not to cash out (saving for some other time). I’d be shocked if, after refusal to identify, you would have been allowed continued play.

I was backed off at a coastal city for not identifying. I was told that I was welcome back, provided I did identify. I recall several other back offs where, upon request for ID, simply asked if there was a problem. Of course, the answer is always no – no problem, upon which I’ve responded to the general effect of – if there’s no problem, then you don’t need ID. Of course, if they’re dumb enough to insist, then that paves the way for any number of discourteous replies.

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