2020 Week 13 fantasy football rankings, sleepers and Top 20 Marvel superheroes


First, don’t overthink your lineup decisions now. Yes, you might have to win to make the playoffs, and you might be facing a tough team in the playoffs. However, that doesn’t mean you start overthinking and making foolish lineup decisions. People do it all of the time due to the “pressure” of “needing a win.” The fact is this week, or a playoff game, is no different than Week 3… well, a title might be at stake… but your decision-making process shouldn’t change.

Second, as promised, it’s time for more fun rankings (especially at this time of the year) and since I screwed up and ranked Marvel/MCU movies instead of Marvel Superheroes, it’s time for that!

Best Marvel Superheroes! I’ll keep it to the Marvel movie versions, as I don’t want to nerd it up too much with the comic versions… or the infinite variations and enormous list. And, I’m…

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