3 card poker FREEPLAY

i remember reading that when you have freeplay, you can collect approx 75% of its value by playing three card poker following these rules:

(for play until win or lose FP)
freeplay can only be used on even money bets, so not on the ante

wager the ante with real money
raise with real money if dealt K92+
raise with freeplay if dealt K87 or worse

these rules apply give a 73% ev return on your freeplay IF a “raise” bet, when it pushes, is returned back to the player. the reason for playing real cash on K92+ is because if freeplay is used on strong hands, like AAA, then if won the freeplay gets paid but is taken away, so we would just use real cash and save the freeplay for worse hands that are more likely to lose.

what if a casino would pay your freeplay and not take it until losing it?

(freeplay can only be used on even money bets, so not on the ante wager)

example, i wager $100 on ante and am dealt AA2. i raise $100 with free play. dealer has QQ2. my ante gets paid $100 real cash and my raise gets paid $100 real cash. my free play is also returned to me (until lost)

you would NEVER use your real cash to make raise plays if this were the case. basically, you would be getting 2 to 1 on your ante wager when won (and dealer qualifies).

i think the strategy here is to literally play every single hand dealt, but i cant figure out how to do the math on it. would we ever fold bad hands? i dont believe so, as folding would surrender our real cash, but i would like to know the EV of this play..

im not trying to figure out if theres a better game to do this on or not, i just want to know this exact play the details of math. and i cant seem to wrap my head around figuring it out, but it does feel like play any hand, i would just like to know for sure and the EV.

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