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Signup Deadline
On December 30th
Challenge Starts
From January 1st to January 31st

The Anime Genre Roulette is a monthly watching challenge that will feature a different genre each time.
Before the challenge begins, we will have a sign up period to join and submit your anime.
All anime submitted should be previously watched by you.
All anime submitted should be tagged (here on MAL) with this roulette genre.
After the sign up period, all anime submitted will be randomized and assigned to the participants.
You will have a month to complete the anime you receive, which will be something you haven’t watched.
Once the challenge period begins (randomization done & the anime has been assigned), no more entries will be accepted.

No hentai/soft core hentai.
No sequels (unless it was released first, before the prequel, or the prequel’s a short prologue)
It has to be a one or two cour(s) anime (no Shorts, OVAs, Movies, Specials, etc…).
It has to be between a minimum of 9 episodes, & a maximum of 30 episodes.
It has to be found online in English subtitle.

You should avoid submitting an anime that was already suggested by another participant. (tag me if you don’t have any other option)

Once you get your anime, keep track of your progress with the chosen of alloted color scheme.
Completing this challenge awards you 1 Star (update here or no star will be added).

You have until December 30th to post your participation.
The genre will be Cars

As there’s a limited amount of anime tagged as Cars
and not much variety that most haven’t seen,
for this round ONLY you don’t have to submit an anime.
We made a list of valid and available titles.
These will be used to randomize and give you your anime.

✩Happy Holidays Everyone❆

[color=#FDA172][b]• Username:[/b] 
[b]• Link to your anime list:[/b] [url=<USERNAME>]List[/url]
[b]• Comments:[/b] [/color]

[color=#A5A5A5]• [u]Anime tracking:[/u]
[color=green]Completed[/color] | [color=blue]Watching[/color] | [color=red]Plan to watch[/color]
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When the challenge begins, we will tag you with the assigned anime in a post at the end of the thread

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