Annoying Players: Does this happen to you?

I was at my local casino just wanting to play an hour or two. I try not to burn out my local casino but I wanted some live practice before I go on a week long trip hitting 8 casinos.

I sit down at 7am. I have my coffee. It’s early enough where players and dealers don’t want to talk so it’s perfect. I am sitting down playing. Then two older people in their 50’s decided to keep telling me I am horrible at blackjack. I make horrible decisions. “Why would you hit soft 17 ever? You are splitting 10’s? Why are you doubling? Who the fuck surrenders?” I am just ignoring it. But the pit boss who I know finally comes over as soon as he hears them getting louder and saying fuck. Tells them that they can leave the table they have been playing hours at. The pit boss says sorry and says he will keep the table limited to only me and the dealer. I thank him and this leads to a great number of hands per hour.

A little side note. The two players were standing on soft 13 and 14 vs the dealers 20. Doubling on 16 vs dealers 9 ect.

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