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Hi, newbie question here.

Is there any good books on the side bets of baccarat? Dragon 7, Panda 8 and Tie are the side bets available at my local casinos but I’d be interested in all side bets for when I travel.

Best available book is “Advanced Advantage Play” by E. Jacobsen.
Many new side bets are not included though.

Anyway and as far as we know, in practictal terms most side bets are really vulnerable by playing them as a team, knowing that it’s forbidden to use a cell phone at the table but railbirds belonging to a team could.
That’s why in many casinos 8-deck shoes are offered cutting off from the play at least two decks, thus erasing any possible player’s edge.

To get an idea about how much sophisticated could be a given side bet approach you need to attend certain chinese forums, providing to be able to access them and understanding chinese characters.
(A chinese good friend will help a lot) 🙂

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