Bachelorette Season 16 Odds – Will Tayshia Adams Marry The Final Rose Winner?

Will Tayshia marry the final rose winner of the Bachelorette Season 16? Photo by @sartorialtweets (Twitter)
  • Tayshia Adams is the leading lady for season 16 of the Bachelorette
  • Quite a few men have already drawn her interest – will she marry the man she picks at the end?
  • Is there value in betting that she won’t tie the knot after the season? See odds and analysis below

Since Tayshia Adams took over as the leading lady on the Bachelorette following Clare Crawley’s engagement to Dale Moss, there has been no shortage of drama. There have also been quite a few gentlemen that she has a connection with, in her pursuit to find love.

One thing is clear – Tayshia has her walls down, she’s in it for the right reasons, and she’s vulnerable on her epic journey to find love. But will love find her? On a few occasions in previous seasons, the suitor selected for the final rose has ended up not getting wed at the end of the season.

Tayshia, who has been married and divorced before, has understandably shown some trepidation with going all-in with certain men. There are men who might be there for the wrong reasons, and she is not putting up with nonsense. What if she gets to the end of her journey and has second thoughts? The odds suggest that could be a possibility at the conclusion of Bachelorette season 16.

Will Tayshia Adams Marry The Final Rose Winner In 2021 Odds

Yes Odds No Odds
+350 -550

All odds as of December 2nd

Bennett & Noah Drama Distracting Tayshia From Finding Love

The latest episode ended on a cliffhanger, with Tayshia calling Bennett and Noah over to try and squash the beef they’ve been having. It doesn’t seem to have a natural conclusion with Bennett offering condescending gifts as a “peace offering” to Noah and Tayshia is clearly disgusted with the drama.

There will certainly be more drama as the season plays out which, based on the odds, seems to suggest she might have a change of heart at the end of the whole process.

It’s possible as she uncovers more about these suitor’s pasts, she might have a wobble and decide not to go down the aisle with them.

Pick: No, Tayshia Doesn’t Marry The Final Rose Winner (-500)

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Will Tayshia Adams Marry The First Runner-Up In 2021 Odds

Yes Odds No Odds
+185 -280

Who Might Steal Tayshia’s Heart?

There are eleven gentlemen left, and it seems Tayshia is most interested in Ivan, Riley, Ben, and Zac. Others who have drawn her eye are Brendan and Spencer, with Bennett, Blake, Demar, and Ed not doing a lot to progress the relationship. Noah is the wild card in all this, where he might be gone very soon or be in it for the long haul because he intrigues her.

The odds again suggest that she’s most likely not going to marry, which makes sense because it happens so infrequently in the show’s history. However, it’s slanted more towards the runner-up eventually winning, which has occurred in recent iterations of the Bachelor franchise, so it’s not without precedent.

Pick: Yes, Tayshia Marries The First Runner-up (+185)

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