Been a long time.

So guys, here i am. Although I joined thoughts 8 months or so ago, I have not posted. The reason being, it has changed so much. I used to be a member 10 years ago and I met so many people who changed my life. Some of those people are no longer with us, some just dwindled away from the site, others I hope are still around although I have yet to find you. My name has changed, and possibly others have.

Now, thoughts used to be my lifeline, a place where I could truly be myself. Other social media I am a member of have my friends and family. I am a very private person who only let’s the world see what it wants to see. I do not share personal details and intimate details with people who are close to me. I am very guarded. I do not trust easily at all.

Thoughts is a family on its own, a place I can use as my own private diary , with little voices that may speak back to me with words of advice or wisdom. Some may even shout at me. Pulling me back from the dark places I visit.

This is my new years resolution, I will visit regularly to my little diary and family, I will also post at least once a week .

Love and best wishes to all for 2021.

Thank you for reading.

Much love.

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