Bet on Who Leaves the Philadelphia Eagles First

You can bet on who leaves the Eagles organization first?

Doug Pederson (-225) Howie Roseman (+175) Carson Wentz (+1000)

Pederson as the favorite requires a $22.50 bet to win $10. You get the $22.50 back plus $10 profit with a win.

Roseman pays $17.50 for every $10 bet and Carson Wentz pays $100 on a $10 bet.

The team’s head coach, Pederson, tells the Inquirer he has yet to receive any job security reassurance.

The Eagles suffered a 23-17 home loss to Seattle on Monday night.

“I take pride in play-calling,” Pederson said. “I look at everything. I’ve gotta take everything in consideration, and if I feel like I get stuck or in a rut, I definitely would consider giving that up. That’s definitely on the table. I wouldn’t say it’s off the table, but that’s also part of sparking the offense,” which Pederson spoke about in response to an earlier question. “And maybe seeing the offense through somebody else’s eyes.”

– Dan Shapiro,

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