BetAnySports – Why It’s My Favorite Sportsbook

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BetAnySports – Quickly My Favorite Sportsbook

I’ve been using Bet Any Sports (BAS) as my primary book the last month, and it’s really grown on me. I was thinking do I really need another sports book when I already have accounts at several? Turns out yes, yes I do.

Of course I always advocate line shopping, and that was one of the big reasons I went with them after 5Dimes pulled out of the USA market (you can read more about that here: 5Dimes and BetAnySports article).

Since Reduced Juice is their primary offering to stand out from the competitors, and that was the big 5Dimes benefit, it was worth giving them a try. Also, biggest limits by far, and biggest deposit bonus (up to $5K). More on all this below.

Bonuses Summary

Since I know a lot of people just want to know what they get out of signing up here’s a summary of what BetAnySports offers:

  • Reduced Juice forever on your account: -105 odds instead of -110
  • 50% sign up bonus up to $5,000 (that’s a lot)
  • Highest betting limits online (not a bonus per say, but it’s a perk for sure)

Juice and Why Reduced Juice Matters

If you aren’t familiar with Juice or what Reduced Juice is, basically the commission you pay on a bet is essentially the juice, or vig, or commission, or price, and the list of names goes on. When you bet a game at -110 to win $100, you are risking $110 to win $100 in profit. If you win, you get the full $210 in return. But if you lose, you are giving up the $110. So either make $100 in profit, or lose $110. That $10, or -10, is the juice.

With BetAnySports, you get 5% reduced juice. That -110 bet now becomes -105. On the surface some people will be inclined to say that’s not a big difference. Professional sports bettors will beg to differ. Thats a 5% difference you are giving up on your losing bets. As an example, let’s use a $100 bettor example (not pro level, they are making $1,000 minimum, more likely $10,000+bets) and see.

Betting $110 to win $100, lets say you make exactly 1 bet a day. That’s $40,150 risked. Let’s say you win 60% (which is high, whether you want to admit it or not). You get back $45,990 total, for a profit of $5,840.

If you made those same bets at $105 (or -105) instead, you risked $38,325 ($105 x 365) and got back $44,895 ($205 x 365 x 60%), for a profit of $6,570.

That’s roughly $900 in extra profit, by doing nothing other than betting at odds of -105 instead of -110.

Now picture this at levels of $1,110 vs $1,050 and maybe you make more than 1 bet a day. Do you really just make 1 bet on NFL Sunday? When there’s 12 NBA games, do you just bet 1? Be honest…

Another Reason To Love: Huge Limits

Not a factor for everyone, but BAS does have the highest limits in the land. New bettors are usually cut loose on $5,000 limits to start and once you’ve been with them a bit, you’ll either automatically be increased, or you can ask customer support. It’s not hard to move up to $10,000 limits and beyond,

Throw The Oracle Some Love

If you sign up with BetAnySports, mention you came from my site. You never know what special promos you may receive for being a pal of the ole’ Oracle here.

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Deposits & Withdrawals

People are always curious how they can deposit and withdraw, and how long it takes. I don’t blame you, I mean the end goal is to make some money here.


Below are the deposit methods currently for BetAnySports (seldom change). I personally am a fan of the crypto, so I stick with Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals. Super fast, no fees, no screwing around. Deposit, funds available immediately. Withdraw info below, basically the same.

As for other deposit methods Credit Cards are probably the most popular. I know Electronic Checks (basically ACH from your bank) is only available after you’ve been a customer awhile. Other methods, honestly I can’t speak to them as I haven’t ever done them or know much about them.

Deposit Bonuses With Promo Code NFL60 – Get Free Stuff.

Speaking of deposits, when you do deposit, use promo code NFL60. It’s worth it, trust me, you’ll see. Speaking of free stuff, you’ll get a 50% deposit match up to $5,000. That’s the biggest free bonus match in the sportsbetting world.


As mentioned above, I only use Bitcoin these days for multiple reasons, mainly being no fees and super quick transactions. It’s been flawless with BAS. Withdrawals have been processed in under 24 hours every time, and you have big limits on withdrawals (up to $10,000 per transaction). Even higher than the max Wire limit. Speaking of Wires, I haven’t personally done any but I have heard from several pros who aren’t quite up to speed on Bitcoin, and use Wires, that they’ve also been no issues. Only difference is it takes a bit longer for them to process, so you may be looking at several days to a week to receive a wire. ACH as with deposits is only available after you’ve been a customer for a bit, but they are an option to get money. The fees are higher though, I’d personally go with Wires if you aren’t into bitcoin.

BetAnySports BAS Site

Few pics of the BetAnySports site. Simple, easy to use. Click any image to visit the site.

Where BetAnySports Operates (Which Countries)

I verified with them directly, and below is a list of the countries they operate in, including the United States.

  • United States
  • Bhutan
  • Cambodia
  • China
  • Hong Kong
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Macau
  • Malaysia
  • Myanmar
  • Nepal
  • Phillipines
  • Taiwan
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam

Conclusion – Go Sign Up

It should be pretty apparent if you made it this far that I’m a fan. Basically if you want to bet where the pros bet and get the best odds, you should sign up for BetAnySports. Tell them the sent you and get some bonuses in your email, bet away and most important win!

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