BetOnline’s Top Two Liabilities for 2024: Trump and Trump

The 2020 US Election is over (at least we hope). It’s never too early to start thinking of 2024.

So who are all the bets on so far? Trump and Trump.

Donald Trump has indicated he may run again. His son, Donald, Jr is likely to take the mantle.

For those of you who feel it’s too soon to bet on 2024, BetOnline has plenty of specials on upcoming political events.

Donald Trump holds a rally on Inauguration Day?

Yes was listed at -200.

Trump to attend Biden’s Presidential Inauguration?

Well, that’s an absolutely NOT. BetOnline has the No priced at -4000.

The Melania Trump divorce prop is still up. The payout is $17 for every $10 bet if that happens.

And of course there is that prop many of you are asking about.

Will President-Elect Joe Biden finish his first term?

BetOnline says Yes at -215. The No pays out $17 for every $10 bet.

– Gilbert Horowitz,

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