Biggest wins you missed out on betting scared?

I got a free bet of $250 from a site and decided to put it in a parlay since it wasn’t my money. Put together a 10 team parlay of Volkov/Whittaker/Khabib/Bills/Packers/Steelers/Browns/Bucs/Chiefs/Seahawks to pay out at $15,420.10 that I screenshot and sent to a few people showing them the best way to waste a bonus and get the Sportsbook to keep sending them to you. Took all the nfl games out and felt pretty good when the 3 UFC fighters won me $694.59. Now, the parlay is 9/9 with just the Seahawks left who as of this writing have a 2 possession lead in the first. Why am I such a coward and what are the biggest wins you guys have missed out on?

Edit: What a finish, glad I didn’t bet it because my heart would not have been able to handle it. S/O to the Seahawks for blowing it and letting me sleep tonight. Sorry to all the Seahawks fans who’s team I cursed by making this post

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