card counting and predicting [planning to build a software]

Hi. I am new to card counting and looking for some clues.

If it’s not the right subreddit im sorry. There is a card game called “War”. I know it’s not blackjack but i think blackjack is precoursor of card counting thats why im posting there.

my friend have a basic 52 cards deck, he places one card on his side and one on mine side. Higher card wins but it doesnt matter for me. The cards used are out of deck. I’m looking to somehow predict or atleast increase prediction % in the moment after he places card on his side in the following:

Predicting who will win or % of who could win

Predicting what will be the color of my card

Predicting what symbol will be on my card

Predicting will my card be higher or lower than 9

Could anyone give me some directions? Should i look for basic card counting there or there is some math possibility ?

Is there any software that could help me in predictions?

I’m also planning to make software myself to help me in predictions by taking input of the cards already out of deck

p.s. Im sorry for my Eng skills :/

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