College Football betting picks against the spread January bowls

COVID took a toll on bowl games, but we still have eight more to kick off 2021. There are four today and four tomorrow. Where’s our best chance to make some money? Let’s get 2021 started right!

For those of you that are new to this, I pick every college football game every week. Not a top five. Not a top ten. All of them. Big deal, right? Lots of people make picks. Well, I do them all against the spread! I take the odds of each game and average them out at all the Vegas casinos and round to the nearest half. There will be no ties here. Ties are for the other football.

I also assign a point value based on the confidence I have in each pick. 1 means that I have little to no confidence. 5 is one I would place a decent wager on. I keep track of my record and my points back from year to year.

As we all well know, this is not an exact science. Due to the volatile nature of betting in general, this is for entertainment purposes only! I cannot be responsible for the loss of money, possessions, spouses, or limbs because of my picks. I can’t have that on my conscious.

Without further delay, let’s get to the rest of the bowl games!

(8)Cincinnati vs. (9)Georgia(-7.5) at Atlanta(4): I’ve been picking Cincinnati straight up everywhere so I feel good about getting an extra touchdown here. This does make me a little nervous since it’s basically a home game for Georgia. However, this Cincinnati defense has stood up to every challenge and the offense is pretty good as well. Give me the Bearcats. I feel good about that free half.

Auburn vs. (14)Northwestern(-4.5) at Orlando(3): Auburn may be able to run on Northwestern, but this Northwestern offense is better than it was earlier in the year. Auburn’s defense has been a problem for much of the second half of the season. I’m taking Northwestern.

(4)Notre Dame vs. (1)Aladamnbama(-19.5) at Jerry World(3): I don’t expect Notre Dame to hang with Alabama, but I’m expecting more like a 21-3 game than a 42-7 game. Notre Dame’s defense is pretty good. That said, they were exposed against Clemson and Bama is every bit as good as the Tigers. Give me the Tide.

(3)Ohio State vs. (2)Clemson(-7.5) at New Orleans(3): This line plummeted after Dabo gave the Buckeyes some serious bulletin board material. While I also question the validity of a six game schedule, it’s not Ohio State’s fault that they are in an archaic conference. They wanted to play. Ryan Day said so until the school recanted his statement. It doesn’t seem fair to say that the Buckeyes don’t deserve a chance. A&M and Oklahoma didn’t win in dominant fashion. If they had, maybe we have a gripe. Ranking them 11th is just petty and asinine….and it’s the reason Ohio State wont get covered and might win outright.

(23)North Carolina State vs. Kentucky(-2.5) at Jacksonville(3): Hey Vegas, I know how you feel. This line opened with the Wolfpack favored and has completely flipped. I picked Kentucky outright because they are an excellent running team and the Wolfpack have issues stopping the run. I’m sticking to it.

Mississippi vs. (11)Indiana(-8.5) at Tampa(2): This is a tough one. I like the Indiana defense and this offense was a ton of fun to watch with Michael Penix leading the way. I’m not saying that Jack Tuttle isn’t a good quarterback, but he’s not Penix. This offense isn’t nearly as explosive. I still think Indiana wins because they can force Matt Corral into mistakes. He has two games of five or more interceptions just in this season alone! I wouldn’t be shocked if this is another. Give me the Hoosiers.

(25)Oregon vs. (10)Iowa State(-3.5) at Glendale, AZ(5): I’m not a believer in the Oregon defense and I am in Iowa State’s. As long as Breece Hall doesn’t opt out, I’m taking the Cyclones big. Oregon doesn’t have anyone that can stop Hall.

(5)Texas A&M(-6.5) vs. (13)North Carolina at Miami(5): The Tarheels were actually favored before Javonte Williams declared for the draft and opted out of the Orange Bowl. I liked A&M anyway. Now it feels rather low for under a touchdown. A&M’s defense is better than they get credit for. Give me the Aggies.

I picked 26 games even though only 25 have been/will be played. I lost the Iowa-Missouri game. I ended up with just one one-point bet, so I’m going for trying to end the season in the black. I ended up with six twos, ten threes, five fours and three fives. I have a chance to make up some ground. Either that or I’ll look like more of an ass than I already do. Stay tuned!

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