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RANK ANSWER CLUE CHEMIN DE FER Form of baccarat enjoyed by James Bond FARO Cousin of chemin de fer ASTON – Martin; marque of car with models driven by James Bond in Goldfinger and Prince William following his marriage to Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge (5) WALTHER German manufacturer of pistols carried by James Bond ETON Famed English prep school attended by James Bond AMERICANO First drink ever ordered by James Bond ESPY Notice entrance initially by James Bond? I SPY Game confession by James Bond? MARTINI Gin and vermouth cocktail favoured by James Bond (7) FETTES ___ College, independent school in Edinburgh attended by James Bond, according to You Only Live Twice ZERO Value of tens and face cards in baccarat BANCO Baccarat player’s declaration NINE Best baccarat hand TEN Card worth 0 in baccarat FER Chemin de ___ (baccarat variation) ACE One-point baccarat card SHOE Baccarat dealer’s need CEES Double in baccarat BAD LUCK Baccarat player’s excuse, perhaps BANCOS Baccarat calls

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