Food For Thought

Ask yourself why hasn’t Kamala Harris resigned her Senate seat now that Joe Biden is President Elect?

Where is Hunter Biden?

Where is President Trump?

Aren’t we still in a National Emergency?

RED1: POTUS twitter removal –

POTUS and many of his followers have been banned by FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat , etc. Do you see this as justified, an Orwellian socialist takeover, or the death throws of big tech?

Again, aren’t we still in a National Emergency? Consequences?

Why does Big Tech have two standards?

RED2: Central communications blackout [continental US]

  • Full Title: Enforcement Bureau Reminds Emergency Alert System (EAS) Participants Of Compliance Obligations
  • Document Type(s): Advisory
  • Bureau(s): Enforcement

The FCC’s Enforcement Bureau today issued an advisory to remind Emergency Alert System participants of their compliance obligations, including ensuring that alerts are accessible to people with disabilities

  • DA/FCC #: DA-21-10on

Remember, timing is everything.

“In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt

“NO ONE will be able to say, “Why didn’t you let the COURTS, the CONGRESS, the state LEGISLATURES handle it before you did this? WHY DIDN’T YOU LET THE THE PROCESS FULLY WORK?!” — Brian The Great (@BrianTh37895972) January 7, 2021

Trump has never said, “I concede.” He has repeatedly said there will be a smooth transition of power. Reconcile.

It has been said that the implementation of the Insurrection Act began after the raid on the Capitol and was marked by Trump’s broadcast to the people to disband and return home. This broadcast wound up being blocked, for the most part, by the media. Nevertheless, his address fulfilled the requirements to initiate the Act. If we are currently in a national emergency and the requirements to initiate the implementation of the Insurrection Act have been met, will/is this card be[ing] played?

Do you trust the mainstream media?

Why are the democrats so anxious to invoke the 25th Amendment or Impeach a President with less than two weeks left in office?

What is on the laptops taken from Pelosi’s, Schumer’s, and other Democrat offices at the capitol on January 6th 2021?

What is on Hunter Biden’s laptop?

What is on Antony Weiner’s laptop?

WASHINGTON (AP) — House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is telling fellow Democrats that the nation’s top military officer has told her there are safeguards in place that would prevent President Donald Trump from firing nuclear weapons.

Why would Pelosi even go there?

Panic in DC.

Declass. Dark to light. All the players have chosen their sides. No where to hide.

Ten days to Inauguration day. I wish I could say more but this post will probably be taken down. Censorship is the new normal. I’ll just ask you to answer the questions honestly for yourself.

Either we’ll have a tranquil 10 days or a roller coast ride.

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