GGPoker introduces Bad Beat Flipout Freerolls for “Unlucky” Players

GGPoker is set to launch a new program in January 2021 tagged GGCare to reimburse unlucky players

The program is set to go live on Jan 1, 2021. And all cash game players who experience a bad beat in big spots will automatically be registered for a daily Flipout tournament that will run a day later with prizes worth $30,000.

GGPoker launches GGCare

The size of the starting stack a player would get in these Flipout Freerolls will solely rely on how unlucky the player was, which according to the site, is “determined by a custom big-data algorithm.”

The Head of Poker Operations at GGPoker, Steve Preiss, said this to PokerNews: “From a more customer-focused perspective, we will always look to expand the reach of poker and bring more new players into the game.”

Preiss also added: “With GGCare, our system analyzes the outcomes of hands played at cash game tables, and if it’s determined that a player has had some bad luck — such as suffering a nasty bad beat, suckout or cooler — they’ll be rewarded awarded with automatic registration into a $30,000 tournament running the following day.”

For January 2021, GGPoker has reserved about $930,000 in total prize money for the GGCare promotion.

It is essential to know that bad beats occur in poker most times, which can be due to several reasons, such as a player’s mental state that causes them to make bad decisions.

Other sites also carter for bad beats, which serves as a consolation to players who lose their games. Such sites include Unibet, and now, GGPoker has become the new operator that wants to carter for unlucky players.

With other provisions and loyalty programs designed to reward new players, GGCare is another way GGPoker wants to reward unlucky players.

GGCare is one of the unique features of GGPoker

GGPoker has different protection features for poker players, and not only GGCare alone. Before now, the site offered the Bubble protection that reimburses the buy-ins of players from tournaments if they burst out just before the money.

Besides these features, GGPoker boasts of other unique features that are rarely found on other sites such as the SnapCam, Card Squeeze, and an integrated heads-up display Smart HUD, and so much more.

The spectacular site recently launched an expected running time feature in tournaments that offer players estimates on the duration of every poker tournament, the time until the money bubble, and the final table duration.

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