Google Lets You Choose to See No Gambling Ads

Punters seeing too many gambling ads on Google’s search engine can change a setting to see fewer of the spots while you’re searching.

The feature was added a few weeks ago and allows users to opt to see fewer ads related to gambling and alcohol, both of which are items that users can be addicted to. Users have to go into their Google Ads setting panel and then select Ad Categories, which will then give you a couple buttons to select seeing fewer of the ads in the search engine.

These options come a few weeks after Google implemented the feature on YouTube, which works in the same way. While the feature will let you see less of the ads, it’s not foolproof. The search giant spelled out some of the ways you can still see the ads, writing:

“Ad categories on YouTube” settings currently only apply when you are signed in to your Google Account and currently only affect ads shown on YouTube. Controls for these ad categories don’t appear in every location, so you may not see this feature. Google said it will do its best not to show these ads when you select to see fewer but you still may see them when:

(1) You may still see alcohol, gambling, or images of these activities in an ad (for example: an airline ad featuring someone drinking a glass of champagne).

(2) You may still see alcohol or gambling ads if you search for one of those topics or if you visit a website related to these topics.”

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