Got cheated out of a $590 win on Poker Stars live Roulette (evolution gaming)

I usually screen record when I play but this time I didn’t start until after i realized I didn’t get paid. I’ve had really decent luck on several occasions playing online roulette one different platforms all which use evolution gaming. I will no longer play online because of this. Since they are smart and don’t show the time anywhere on the screen while your playing, I hope people can trust my screenshots showing the time they were taken.

I placed a $46 bet at 8:14. notice the past winning numbers on the left). It lands on 16. A message comes up in the chat saying they are reviewing the last spin and we wait for four minutes. The woman picks the ball out of 16 and spins again at 8:19. Number 16 never is displayed on the winning board. Straight up just didn’t want to pay out. Emailed them and waited two weeks for their response and they said “the winning number was 1 and you did not have anything wagered on it”.

I requested the gaming logs before sending my original email to their which show all the bets for each spin and times. The spin where it hits 16 was not on there. Save your money. I was fortunate enough to win big a few times but overall lost it back chasing the dragon.

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