I went to Vegas for the first time and playing Black Jack for the first time in real life and got my butt kicked. What is a good starting point for beginners like me to get better at the game?

For disclosure I knew I was going into this whole thing with the odds against me as someone who was completely green to playing the game. I only bet what I was willing to lose ($50) because my MO was to have fun gambling for the first time in my life as someone who is now over 21. Even though I lost I enjoyed myself because the guys I played with were patient and willing to help me out. While I was ahead for a while I even tipped the dealer a few times so she was rooting for me too.

Now that the “woohoo I can gamble now like an adult!” part has worn off I want to properly learn how to play the game. One of my friends is Native American and I visit them out on the res every so often, so I have regular access to a casino. I just want to learn how to play a perfect game and maybe down the road if I maintain an interest in it learn how to count cards. I don’t really know where to start so I figured I would ask you all for any tips. Thanks!

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