Idaho Lottery to launch new Pick 4 game Sunday

Long-awaited draw game joins Idaho Lottery’s lineup

By Kate Northrop

BOISE, Idaho — Players asked, and the Idaho Lottery listened. The Lottery announced Friday that it will be launching a new twice daily Pick 4 game this Sun., Jan. 10, in response to years of player interest and tremendous popularity of its in-state Pick 3 draw game.

For Idahoans who find in-state draw games appealing, the new Pick 4 game will give players an additional choice of game to play and another opportunity to participate.

“Our players really appreciate and enjoy Idaho-only Draw Games,” Idaho Lottery Director Jeff Anderson said in a press release. “Pick 4 is a daily game, with draws twice a day that our players have been asking us to add to our lineup. We’re looking forward to it joining Pick 3 and the prize-winning it will give to our players and the good causes we support — Idaho’s public schools and buildings.”

Pick 4 is the Lottery’s newest daily numbers game since Pick 3 first debuted on June 5, 2000, over two decades ago. For $1 per ticket, players are offered a chance at winning a $5,000 top prize by selecting four numbers between 0 and 9 and matching the drawn numbers in exact order. Other prizes can be won by wagering for the numbers in any order, pairs of numbers, or the sum of the numbers drawn (called “Sum it up!”).

Players can either choose their own numbers or opt for a Quick Pick, which will allow the lottery terminal to randomly select four numbers to play.

The Sum it up! feature is one that Pick 3 players may already be familiar with. For an extra $1 for every dollar played, players can opt for an additional way to win, even if their numbers do not match the numbers drawn. If the sum of the player’s Pick 4 numbers matches the sum of the four drawn numbers, the ticket is a winner.

Considering that players have long requested a Pick 4 draw game similar to Pick 3, the Lottery expects that the game will pick up in popularity and perform well among its current repertoire of offered games, especially seeing has how their Pick 3 game has had a very consistent following this year, even through COVID-19.

“Especially here in the state of Idaho, people are going to find it as a new surprise to start out the year with a new twice-daily game that’s similar to a game they’re familiar with already,” Lottery spokesperson David Workman told Lottery Post.

Pick 4 drawings will be conducted via computerized drawings (RNGs) twice a day — once at 1:59 pm Mountain Time and the other at 7:59 pm Mountain Time. Tickets can be purchased at licensed Lottery retailers, and prizes must be claimed within 180 days from the draw date. The first drawing will take place this Sun., Jan. 10 at 1:59 pm Mountain Time.

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