Is the bingo industry growing with the rise of Online Gambling?

If there is one thing that we can say for certain about humanity in the 21st century, it is that we all seemingly love to gamble, whether that be on sports betting, online slots, other online casino games or even online bingo – learn bingo calls in the UK. There are so many options for people to gamble these days, and the big change from the 20th century is that because of things like online casino people can gamble without even having to go to a casino, bookies or bingo hall. No wonder there is so much gambling going on!

And here’s the thing: there have been so many beneficiaries from the rise of online gambling as a whole, because it has succeeded in elevating a number of different industries along with it. Just take the world of online bingo, for example, something that has had a dramatically positive effect on the entire bingo industry. Keep reading for an answer to the question – is the bingo industry growing with the rise of online gambling?

The timeline of online gambling so far

First things first, let’s take a look at the timeline of online gambling so far, as this can throw up some interesting things that will be useful in pinpointing exactly how and why the bingo industry has been growing recently. It can be tempting to think that online gambling has pretty much always been a thing, especially with its insane levels of popularity these days. In actuality, however, online gambling is a specifically 21st century marvel.

Obviously, for online gambling to work the Internet had to be at a certain level to sustain it, and this only really happened at the beginning of the 21st century. Online gambling did exist before then, of course, however it was so rudimentary and basic that not many people could really enjoy it.

How the bingo industry has changed during the 21st century

Let’s not get it twisted here, the bingo industry was doing incredibly well throughout the 20th century, where there were countless new bingo halls springing up all around the world. Bingo really cemented itself as a game for the older generations at this time, however in the 21st century we have already seen it becoming popular with a variety of different age groups.

Nowadays you can get bingo club nights, for example, as well as regular bingo nights held at places like university SUs. It all shows that the bingo industry has managed to greatly increase the demographics that it appeals too in the 21st century.

The Rise of Online Bingo

The roots of online bingo can be found as far back as 2003, however at this point the technology wasn’t really good enough to create a playing experience worth sticking with. It didn’t take long for developers to rectify this, however, and since 2010 online bingo has been a staple.

How did online gambling help the online bingo world?

Without the attention that online gambling brought to the Internet online bingo certainly wouldn’t have had it so easy. Furthermore, things like The Gambling Act 2004 in the UK made it much easier to advertise.

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