Is today the day when your winning lottery boat finally comes in?


Cathy and Richard Brown celebrate winning their £6 million lotto jackpot aboard their boat. PHOTO: Chris Radburn/PA

Just now, I looked out my office window to our harbor spread out before me.

We get a lot of unusual boats that come into our harbour. And from our house I can see them sailing in and out at all hours, day and night.

Here’s the interesting thing. I only have a window of viewing opportunity of about 20 minutes, sometimes less.

Because that’s the time it takes for them to leave the harbor and slip out of sight around the headland.

One day I was looking at the Greenpeace Warrior making its way out after a day visit here. Then I put my head down and did some quick work on my iPad.

When I looked up again, it had gone, disappearing quickly around the heads.

The lottery is like this.

You have a small window of viewing when the winning numbers match your own… when you look up and see the prize.

Then, quickly, it vanishes out of sight. If you didn’t have the right timing, it leaves you wondering why you’re not winning.

So I developed the amazing LottoPredict to fix this problem. It predicts when you should use your Silver Lotto System numbers.

It’s easy to see when your boat comes in. Try it and see!

Ken, I won $100,000 using your Silver Lotto System and the clever LottoPredict. Its been the biggest amount I’ve won since I bought your systems a couple of years ago, but I never paid out more than $1,000 so its been a real bonus. Fiona.B. (fio********

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