Legends Of Runeterra New Cards

The new cards 89 new cards will be in play in legends of runeterra after call of the mountain launches.

Legends of runeterra new cards. All new cards from monuments of power released riot games just revealed the new expansion for legends of runeterra named monuments of power. The expansion comes out on october 14th with a host of new things in it including a new keyword new event and modes. Explore all the cards below or head to the deck builder to start theorycrafting. 12 new cards shown off in final reveal for legends of runeterra s call of the mountain expansion set every region is getting a little love in this set.

Search specific cards or use filters such as mana cost card rarity keywords and more. Tahm kench is the newest legends of runeterra champion coming in monuments of power 4 new cards. Top 3 best budget decks. Choose your champions make your move and be legendary in the league of legends strategy card game.

Explore all legends of runeterra cards in one place. This set of cards brings three new champions shyvana soraka and tahm kench 37 non champion cards and a new card type landmarks. While riot games didn t detail every specific card it confirmed that 51 are from the new. Easily find demacia freljord ionia noxus piltover and shadow isles cards by using our filters to quickly sort the cards by region rarity keywords etc.

The reveal season for the next expansion has officially begun. We already know that legends of runeterra will be adding more existing and possibly new regions to the current selection. Aurelion sol one of the strongest new cards added to legends of runeterra this card excels with the newly added celestial cards and is a force in the later rounds of a match. After looking at some images in the client we may have discovered a brand new combination region like piltover zaun.

Find the complete legends of runeterra card list on runeterrafire. Card gallery 574 574 found 574 from 574 cards all cards owned unowned filters sets.

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