NBA Betting Tips We All Seem to Forget

Nba betting is still relatively new to a lot of people as more and more books are legalized in the States. There are really two things I’d like to remind everyone who bets consistently on NBA. These things are obvious to some, but will hopefully save others some money.

  1. CHECK ROTOLINEUPS OR TWITTER BEFORE PLACING A FAT BET. My friend placed a $765 bet on the Clippers -10.5 last night. THEN decided to find out that PGeorge wasn’t playing. PLEASE don’t make insane bets before you double check what you’re betting on. NBA can change at the last minute. Maybe wait until close to tip off to place large (or any) bets.

  2. NBA is not NFL. Some teams play 4 games a week. NFL plays 1. A favorite in NFL is often stronger than a favorite in the NBA. Is it worth it to add the Blazers -450 ML into that parlay? Maybe to some. But don’t be surprised if it doesn’t turn out to be the “lock” you thought. (Last night alone the underdog nets won by 30. The lakers won by a basket. The clippers lost to the Spurs. The bulls (+350) won outright…)

  3. I said two things, but here’s a bonus third as it relates to the tip above. Don’t be afraid to bet underdogs. I would venture a guess that a +200 nba teams wins more often than a +200 nfl.

As always, bet within your means and stick to a plan. At the end of the day only you can determine what strategy/plan/management is best.

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