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Hello, I am in the process of training to be a counter. I have been practicing for the past four weeks and am looking to start playing in the coming weeks.

I will be starting out with a $2000 bankroll (I know it’s not a lot, I’m a college student) and am asking for advice on betting unit size and bet spread to maximize EV and minimize risk as much as possible.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Can you afford the 2k? The reason I ask is that your probability of success using traditional methods is low. You will be confined to inferior games with crowded conditions and not enough max bets to weather a storm. So, if you’re serious (and without any knowledge of your skill level), your best approach would be a Hail Mary approach – get to a better game, over bet your bankroll and hope for the best. This essentially means that you need immediate success, and that you will likely go broke if you don’t. This beats the potentially long drawn out affair leading to bankroll loss that traditional methods would inevitably lead to.

Now, if you have can replenish funds, if necessary, on a monthly basis (which is probably not likely as you’re a student), you can, utilizing a disciplined approach, wager as if you have a larger bankroll. If so, state the monthly amount you can direct and I will tell you how you can achieve this.

Snarky, if you recall, this is where you stuck your foot up your ass a while back, so do yourself a fair and stay out.

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