New York Rangers’ star-to-be Alexis Lafrenière readies for NHL spotlight

DARIEN, CONN. — “Stay close.”

Emilie Castonguay’s advice to Alexis Lafrenière was clear.

The agent pulled her black BMW coupe up to a U.S. customs inspection booth at the station that separates St. Bernard de Lacolle, Que., and Champlain, N.Y., on a late Saturday morning in early November.

Following Castonguay’s advice — and her car — a little too closely, while connected to her via speakerphone, Lafrenière pulled his Jeep into the forbidden zone between the “Stop” sign and the booth, earning a stern rebuke from the customs officer. When the border agent noticed Castonguay’s running smartphone call, he had words for her, as well.

A 45-minute wait inside the U.S. Customs and Border Protection offices followed, as Lafrenière completed paperwork to gain access to his new professional home. The wait might have been longer had another border staffer not noticed that…

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