Odds Favor Doug Pederson Leaving Eagles Before Howie Roseman and Carson Wentz, Likely Before 2021 Season

Wentz and Pederson of the Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles’ Carson Wentz (11) and head coach Doug Pederson during an NFL football game against the Seattle Seahawks, Monday, Nov. 30, 2020, in Philadelphia. The Seahawks defeated the Eagles (AP Photo/Rich Schultz)
  • Doug Pederson is given -215 odds to be let go first by the Philadelphia Eagles in a series of prop bets involving him, GM Howie Roseman and QB Carson Wentz
  • At the same time, another prop is offering +115 odds that Pederson opens the 2021 NFL regular season as head coach of the Eagles.
  • Roseman is given -160 odds to still be the club’s GM come Game 1 of the 2021 campaign

When it comes to the 2020 NFL season, the Philadelphia Eagles have landed – with a thud. A dismal 3-7-1 record has legitimate questions being raised of the job security of head coach Doug Pederson, GM Howie Roseman and even quarterback Carson Wentz.

A series of props on offer ask which of the three will be the first to be let go by the team. As well, there are separate betting markets on whether Pederson or Roseman will be relieved of their duties prior to the start of the 2021 NFL season.

Odds Who Leaves Philadelphia Eagles Organization First

Person Odds
Doug Pederson -215
Howie Roseman +165
Carson Wentz +900

Odds from Dec. 2

Plenty Of Blame In Eagles’ Fall

Less than three years removed from a Super Bowl win, the Eagles are third in the NFL’s worst division. They’re 1-4 on the road, recording one win outside of the division.

Whose fault is it? Perhaps the most appropriate way to phrase that when it comes to the team’s brain trust is whose fault isn’t it?

Head coach Pederson oversees an offense that is 28th in the NFL (322.8 yards per game) and 25th in scoring offense (21.5 points per game). Philly has scored exactly 17 points in each of the last three games. The Eagles haven’t put 30 on the board in any game this season.

Wentz Is Woeful

Wentz must shoulder his share of the blame for this mess. He’s thrown an NFL-high 15 interceptions against 16 touchdown passes and has been sacked a league-leading 46 times.

According to research conducted by the NFL Network, Wentz is the sixth QB since 1950 to see his passer rating dip 24 points below his combined rating over the previous three seasons. He’s the only QB this has happened to under the age of 30. Four of six QBs on this list retired after such a dismal season.

One unnamed NFL executive suggested to ESPN that the relationship between Wentz and the Eagles was beyond repair. He thinks the team should consider moving on from him. However, Wentz is signed through 2024 and there isn’t a viable release point in the deal in terms of salary-cap hit until 2022.

Roseman can’t skate when it comes to shouldering responsibility. It was his call to select QB Jalen Hurts in the second round of the 2020 NFL Draft. Among those who were still on the board then was Carolina Panthers safety Jeremy Chinn, a contender to be NFL DROY.

It’s always easiest to change the coach, so Pederson is the safe play here.

Pick: Doug Pederson (-215)

Super Bowl 55 Odds Tracker

How Hot Is Pederson’s Seat?

One thing Pederson has going for him is that the Eagles have made the playoffs three years in a row. Thanks to a residence in the dismal NFC East, they’re only a half-game out of being postseason participants again.

Eagles Coach & GM Props

Prop Yes Odds No Odds
Will Doug Pederson be head coach of the Eagles Week 1 of 2021 NFL season? +115 -160
Will Howie Roseman be GM of the Eagles Week 1 of 2021 NFL season? -160 +130

On the other hand, the Eagles have endured a dozen double-digit loss seasons since 1963. In seven of those instances, the coach was fired. Even fan-favorite Andy Reid couldn’t survive a 4-12 effort in 2012.

Four of those double-digit loss campaigns came in the first year after a new coach’s hiring. Pederson’s Super Bowl win might buy him a mulligan on an off-year.

However, were the Eagles to lose 11 or 12 games, that would prove difficult to survive.

Pederson Pick: No (-160)

Roseman Has Lurie’s Ear

It was Roseman’s call to draft Hurts but Lurie certainly would’ve been involved in the decision. All reports are the Roseman still has Lurie’s ear. And Lurie has proven to be loyal to faithful servants in the past.

A real tell on who’s coming and who’s going might be based on how much action Hurts sees the rest of the way.

Roseman Pick: Yes (-160)

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