Odds of winning 7 hands in a row??

Draftkings casino has a promo today where if you win 7 hands in a row you get credited 10x your average bet amount. Pushes do NOT break the streak, so it’s as if a pushed hand never happened; Same with split hands where you win one but lose the other.

I read somewhere that for any given hand you are roughly 43% to win 48% to lose and 9% to push, but my mathematical abilities don’t allow me to take it much further than that, lol.

I hit it a couple weeks ago pretty quickly, maybe 50 hands or so. Today I hit as well, but it took 50 minutes which comes out to about 500 hands.

Their rules are stand on soft 17, split up to 4x (not aces), double after split, and use 8 decks shuffled after every hand. DK claims that with these rules and perfect strategy play, payback is 99.62%. Even if it were 99.5 that’s still 20,000 hands before it’s negative ev right? I was just wondering how many hands on average it would/should take to hit.

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