Parkwood Village continues emphasis on resident safety during year of COVID-19 changes

Adrein McFarland
| Pratt Tribune

Parkwood Village in Pratt is home to 62 residents and a place of employment for 48 individuals. Throughout the pandemic, they have provided jobs to the community and are at 100 percent full capacity for apartments and have added six new residents to their favorable community.

Director Sharon Will of ten years of overseeing Parkwood sends three emails every week to inform families of the status of Parkwood.

She said that masks are required 24/7, for staff members and residents. If residents have been out of Parkwood, they must do a 14-day, in-room stay which requires all staff to do full PPE when entering the apartment.

In the past few months, Will said visitation byamily members was allowed in zones, two family members per visit. One week family members wer allowed to visit their loved ones three times a week and the next week they could come two times a week. No one under the age of 18 is allowed in the building.

However, much of 2020 has been spent in lock-down mode, with no visitations allowed, to protect the safety of the residents. During this time, window visits, zoom meetings online and phone calls have been the main ways people living there have been able to communicate with others outside the facility.

A resident of two years, Lois Mills, has been keeping a very fun and upbeat personality.

“She makes sure she always has a tape-measure on her walker,” Will said. “She gives one end to her friend and she keeps the other end for 6 feet social distancing.”

Mills said that Parkwood is a very good place to be and she is thankful that they are still able to play bingo in their zones.

Health Care Director Kelli Denney, of Parkwood for ten years, has had increasing hours since COVID with more documentations that need to be done.

“The biggest reward is receiving a thank you from the residents and that it makes an impact when the residents say it makes a difference with I’m there,” she said. “Every day I am checking weight, temperatures, and mental status.”

Parkwood Village is owned by Covenant Housing and managed by Legend Senior Living®, which is a privately held senior housing and services company based in Wichita, Kansas.

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