Pick of the Day – 12/2/20 (Wednesday)

Record: 13-4 (+11.6U)


Last pick: Complexity Gaming ML -150 (1U) ❌

Sport: Soccer

Competition: UEFA Champions League

Time: 3:00 PM ET

Today’s Pick: Juventus -1.5 vs. Dynamo Kyiv -115 (1.5U)

Over a week since our last, we are reminded of the taste of defeat. Complexity Gaming got slaughtered yesterday, there was nothing to cheer for as they couldn’t make it competitive at all. Going to keep an eye out for this Gambit squad because they have earned my respect and we will look to lean on them for a couple winners in the near future. Let’s get this streak started and look to continue avoiding back to back losses.

The only game that really stuck out tomorrow was Juventus vs Dynamo Kyiv. Juventus have secured a spot in the knockout stage regardless of tomorrow’s outcome but they will continue to apply pressure in tomorrow’s match up. Utilizing their full roster tomorrow they will have all the fire power they need to net in 3 goals against the opposition. Juventus will look to advance into the knockout stages with some sort of momentum with a strong home performance tomorrow. Morata is looking dangerous so expect him to score a goal. Ronaldo will be looking to pad his stats as well with maybe a goal or two himself. I expect Juventus to keep a clean sheet so even with 2 goals we will get the victory, but I’m expecting 3 goals from them so that will give us breathing room if Kyiv. manage to score a goal. Dynamo are winless this UCL and are missing a bunch of key players tomorrow, setting us up nicely for a comfortable win.

Let’s get back to our winning ways! BOL if you choose to tail, these are just the plays that I’m on and nothing more so if you don’t agree with the pick feel free to watch from the sidelines.

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Twitter plays went 3-0 yesterday and already posted a couple more for tomorrow.

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