Pick of the Day – 12/31/20 (Thursday)

POTD Record: 2-0

Third pick ever, same sport: Boxing the best sport in the world

Last Bet: Canelo by Decision (+)180 (win)

POTD: Tanaka by Decision (+)110

Time: approx 3-5:00 AM EST

Bet Total: $10.00 Confidence level: 7/10

Total Risked: $15.00 Total Profit: $16.50 Average odds: 2.1 or (+110)

2 for 2 so far on choosing which method of winning for boxing. going the same route here and choosing by decision again. Ioka (25-2) vs Tanaka (15-0) in the traditional japanese NYE fight. Ioka has the belt and was the first japanese fighter to win belts in four divisions. This fight is a huge fight, major clash between two japanese super flyweights

Ioka is the more etablished fighter and more established in the division defending his WBO title. Tanaka has never fought at this weight and is stepping up in weight. Tanaka is currently a 3 division world champion. World record tonight is on the line for tanaka, if he wins he becomes the fastest 4 division weight champion ever surpassing Oscar De La Hoya and the second ever 4 division japanese champion (first was Ioka!).

To start, I absolutely believe this fight will go the distance. the odds show this at -375 at time of writing. at this weight class, between two fighters of pure class, I just dont believe that there will be a knockout. Neither fighter has particularly outstanding knockout power.

This will be each fighters greatest test IMO. Both fighters have fought top end competition. Ioka will definitely test tanaka with his relentless pressure. However, he is a notorious slow starter which should help Tanaka ease into the fight. It is a tough fight to call, but, I believe the 24 year old Tanaka will win via decision against the 32 y.old despite all of the experience.

Tanaka is younger which fairs extremely well in the lower weight classes, he has extremely quick and crisp combinations which should gain respect from the pressure oriented Ioka since he does pack power in this division with a 60% ko rate, his fluid foot movement sets up his attack quickly- leading to accurate counter punches which wont allow Iokas pressure to wear him down, and lastly this kid just looks special. 15 fights to gain 3 belts and to immediately jump up in weight again is nothing short of amazing. This kid just “has it” and that is why im betting on him today.

A slightly safer route would be to take tanaka ML which is (-190) on the off chance there is a KO. There is value in this but I will be putting my money behind the decision win based on the above.

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