Plover 4-H group makes Christmas video for assisted living residences

PLOVER, Wis. (WSAW) – The Plover Clovers 4-H club has had a pretty tight relationship with the Whispering Pines Assisted Living facility. During the Christmas season, it was a yearly tradition to carol for the residents.

“Everybody would be in their doorways listening to us. This is the first year we were uninvited.” 4-H team leader Lily Trzebiatowski said.

After seeing little to no visitors through 2020, the residents at Whispering Pines missed seeing and hearing their local 4-H group.

“The kids coming around to do bingo with them, sing to them, even just hang out with them. We don’t realize how much we appreciate or miss that contact,” Whispering Pines Lodge manager Jackie Oviedo added.

So instead of doing in-person caroling, the children put together a video using a popular Christmas story.

“So we came up with a way to let the kids know there was something they could do by taking little snapshots of The Night Before Christmas,” Trzebiatowski explained.

The Whispering Pines residents were a bit skeptical at first but soon started to enjoy the video.

“Receiving that video was such a highlight of their day. They just all enjoyed it very much,” Oviedo stated.

The Plover Clovers says their gift is more than a kind gesture, it’s a symbol of excitement in the middle of a difficult year.

“To people who don’t necessarily understand what is going to happen next, the greatest piece of information you can give them is some hope. That’s what our video did,” Trzebiatowski said.

For a link to the 4-H club’s video click here.

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