Podcasts Monthly – 11/19/20 (Thursday)

Been in need of some more podcasts that actually speak their minds with no filter and can even be funny doing it? Sounds like you need the charismatic new podcasting duo of Aloww Boot and Howie Stackz! We are The Sum Sum Podcast. Why? Because you can be sure we’ll always have a lil “sum sum” on just about everything. My close friend and I started this podcast in March with 1 simple premise….to vibe out, talk shit, and discuss whatever’s relevant to our daily lives including but not limited to….

  1. Pop culture

  2. Sports

  3. Music

  4. News

  5. Relationships/Situationships

  6. Politics

  7. Conspiracy theories (no, really. We have a whole episode on them. ?)

You can guarantee that no topic is off-limits for us and you can also be sure there will be a lot of laughs and hot takes along the way! Our podcast is available on Spotify and Anchor but experiencing our show through our YouTube channel brings a whole other level to our content. Our podcast is technically more of a “vodcast” (since we focus more on the video aspect) and we appreciate all of our dedicated subscribers (We call em “Sumbodys” ✊?) We wanted to be a little different from other pods so we focused on snappy edits and professional visuals/effects (so its more like a “podcast show” lol). We’ve gained a little traction on YouTube and ppl seem to be receptive what we putting out.

Because of quarantine, we had to start doing zoom episodes for a short time but we still found a fun and creative way to do those haha. We are fully back in studio now and our quality has just gotten better and better. New mics, new cameras, cleaner editing, etc. Check out some of our episodes or some of the short 5-10 min clips on the channel and feel free to let us know what you think. (I recommend episode 24 – “The Truth About Foreplay!” , episode 20 – “Glove and Basketball” or episode 18 – “Modern Wayfair” to start with)

Don’t have time to watch a full ep? We also have an IG where we post a lot of shorter clips and next ep previews that have been a hit with our audience. ?? Check us out! You’ll be glad you did. ?#SubscribeAndBecomeSumbody



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