Poker Basics – LAGs

The first step when reading hands is to categorize your opponents into distinct player types based on his playing style. Assigning a certain player type to your opponent will help you narrow down his range.

These lessons will teach you how to differentiate between the five most common player types and their fundamental characteristics. This information will be useful when adjusting to their playing style.


This player type is looser than the TAG, but not quite as extreme as the maniac. He usually plays his hands aggressively.

How do you recognize a LAG?

Expect a wide opening range

LAG stands for loose aggressive. A LAG is looser than a TAG in his pre-flop game, but also plays aggressively. It’s hard to categorize a LAG at first sight.

Early in a session a LAG may look similiar to either a maniac or a slightly loose TAG.

What range does a LAG play?

LAGs open raise wider ranges from all positions than TAGs and 3-bet more frequently when in position. They give up on their blinds less frequently and will generally be playing more hands from the big blind.

How do you play against a LAG?

Very few LAGs at the lower limits are really good players. Most of them are just maniacs with slightly tighter tendencies. They don’t throw their money out of the window, but due to their wider hand selection, they will still have a weaker hand than you on average. However, you should remain careful, as not all LAGs are losing players and a lot of them are familiar with the basic principles of poker.

Against LAGs, you should:

  • Play a tighter preflop game than against TAGs
  • Steal the blinds less often when a LAG is left to act
  • Avoid giving up too easily post-flop, especially on the flop. When you have to make a tough decision, you should often lean towards calling rather than folding, as the LAGs range is often weaker than yours

Don’t get involved in pointless rivalries. On average, you will come out with the stronger hand more often and your profits will come on their own if you keep up a solid game.

To learn more about the types of players you will encounter in poker check out this article or watch the video below:

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