Poker blog #2 : Respect the game you love…

Poker blog #2 : Respect the game you love…

Posted by Amit Kaushik on 2020-12-23 at 2:16 PM

Hello people. Hope everyone is keeping safe and doing well in this pandemic.

First of all, I have to say this, Massive respect to high-stakes MTT crushers! Keeping sharp focus and staying disciplined even after hours and hours of grinding multiple tables with almost no breaks, is an inspiring feat, something I have been troubling with a lot, and needs a lot of work certainly.

The month of December has brought mixed outcomes when it comes to poker.

Let’s talk about the negatives first. I have not been doing so well in tournaments, I haven’t played many tournaments though. This month I have played around 15-16 tournaments (mostly higher buyins than what I am accustomed to play) and I have done not so bad but not good as well. I have had deep runs in a few of them but no top-3 finishes, just two final tables and there as well I busted 8th and 9th. I am not losing a lot of buyins though, 5-6 buyins for avg. 4k-5k buyin tournament. I know it is not too much for such a small sample, and it becomes very easy to blame variance in such cases, but I have realized it is not variance but it is my game which has a lot of flaws and which needs tons of study and improvement if I want to do well higher than midstake buyins. I am making mistakes when it comes to very late stages of the tournaments – final tables or final 2-3 tables where those mistakes are the most costly. Well honestly, that’s not it, I have been making mistakes all over the place, postflop mistakes when I am out-of-position are the most severe ones, and I am very thankful to a friend of mine who has pointed them out and helped me a lot coming up with a plan of how to get rid of those and also how to study efficiently for tournaments.

So, I have decided that there is no point playing higher buyin tournaments without studying and I need to study a lot. I’ll not be playing any more tournaments till Winter-series which starts on Jan 20th on Stars. Till then I’ll just study and work on my tournament game and as well as mental game which is definitely an important aspect of tournament poker.

Now let’s go to the good part of poker this month so far. No-limit Hold’em Cash Games.

From last two weeks, I have been grinding 25/50 NL on stars, and it has really been delightful. The good thing about cash games is that there is no exhaustion, and you can take breaks whenever needed and those breaks can be from half-hour to as long as next day, certainly a privilege one doesn’t get in tournament poker. I haven’t made any decisions because of tilt, actually I don’t remember going on tilt anytime during this grind, which I can be really proud of. I have autopiloted some decisions though, making decisions which seem obvious and not going too much about the player profile, which is bad.

When it comes to results, I am up around 30 BIs in 11k hands. But not to get carried away too much, this is a very small sample and results don’t mean too much yet and I must admit I have made mistakes, a few of them being expensive. Still I should not take anything away from myself as well, I feel very good about my game overall. I am not much result oriented but the graph so far is just so pretty, can’t help but post it ?

Plan for the rest of the month is to complete 25k hands of 25/50NL by the end, seems a lot but I feel good at this time about my cash game and I am willing to put in the time and I think I can complete it.

There are many takeaways from last 14-15 days of poker :

> Respect the game you love. Poker demands discipline, focus, mental fitness, and a ton of study. And if I can’t keep up with it, sooner or later I’ll be left behind.

> Tournament poker is immensely intense when it comes to high stakes and if one wants to catch up with the sharks, one will have to work hard to be as fearless and as sharp as them.

> Study more and more!

That’s it for now. See you soon with updates. Keep crushing and keep smiling ?

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