Polk wins big in the first online session

KidPoker may have got off to a strong start in the 200 hand live match but the online streets is where the challenge matters and the first round went to Doug Polk.

424 hands were played across two tables of $200/$400 on Friday and Polk won big for $218,292. This snubbed out Negreanu’s early advantage and after 624 hands Polk leads the challenge by $101,792, or two and a half buy-ins.

You can see one of several recordings of the session below:

[embedded content]

Given he is one of the best heads-up players in the world, he was always going to win when the cards were falling his way. The early consensus seems to be that Negreanu is playing quite well online considering but Polk clearly has a big edge.

While things have been much more civil since the friendly affair in the PokerGO studios, of course there are some jokes and memes flying around, most notably this from Polk’s infamous video producer Thomas Keeling:

The odds on a Negreanu win have already drifted from 4/1 to 5/1 on PokerShares, suggesting that with the momentum on his side now Polk will be incredibly hard to beat.

We probably won’t cover every single session of the challenge because there are 24,376 hands left to go. It will be a particularly long challenge for Negreanu if he isn’t able to book a winning session in the first few matches.

If you are up late tonight the next session is happening below at 23:30 CET:

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Barry Carter

Barry Carter

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