PXG Blackjack AND One and Done – a word of caution on toe hang

@easyyy added more pics with comparison photos with T100 and older Srixon models here…
I have tested both the Srixon Zx7 and ZX5 and I am VERY impressed. The feel of the ZX7 is one of the best I have ever hit. Kwok said they bend like butter and told me the ZX7’s are 1020 carbon forged by Endo. Looks like Srixon swing for the fences using soft 1020 and back to Endo to do the forgings. Went to find out more and he was right. Not many are using 1020 and certainly Ising Endo to do the forgings.

The feel off the face is incredible. Watched all the reviews on YT and same findings. As for the ZX5 I hit the long irons real well and didn’t experience that “click” that Michael Newton experienced on his YouTube review. TXG and our Johnny Wonder loved them and Ian also talked about the 1020 material as well as being forged in the Endo forging house.

Great work Srixon!!! Order is in.

Srixon ZX5 irons

Srixon ZX7 irons

Srixon ZX U

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