Roulette Battle Royale

American style roulette with a twist Inspired by the anime Kakegurui. (Mostly Scripted)


This is a modified version of the Scripted Roulette wheel that can be found on the workshop.

Original table and models by =AJSA= Moneyman12167Casey. You can find his mod here:

Wheel spinning was added to his mod by Knil.


Your bets will be automatically awarded and removed from the table.

After putting down your chips on the table place your pawn on any numbered space on the table.

Everyone places their colored marble in the roulette wheel before the dealer spins.

If any colored marble lands on a pawn space the owner of the pawn must pay out 36 chips to that player.
If the dealer’s marble lands on your pawn space you get 36 chips from the dealer.
(Any payouts with these additional rules are not scripted and must be paid out manually.)

You can buy an additional marble from the dealer for 50 chips.

Play with a timer or until each opponent is eliminated.

Tablet Links:
One tablet links to standard rules for American roulette.
The other tablet links to the original soundtrack for Kakegurui on Youtube.


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