Ryan Leng Wins WSOPC Main Event at WSOP.com

There aren’t many chances to play important poker tournaments nowadays, so Ryan Leng didn’t think twice about joining the World Series of Poker Circuit Main Event that took place on WSOP.com.

To reserve a seat, he had to pay the buy-in fee of $525, but it turned out that it was a smart investment, as he ended up winning the tournament for $113,040.

Deciding to Compete

Ryan Leng wasn’t prepared for this competition, so that makes the victory even more amazing. Before playing the WSOPC Main Event, he had finished in third place in a pickleball tournament and didn’t even have time to register for the poker event on time, so he was labeled as a late-registration player.

What’s more important is that Leng wasn’t active for the past two months at all, so it’s free to assume that he was even a bit out of shape. He also didn’t even bother studying the game during his time off.

Leng stated that he needed “some time off” after the online version of the WSOP wrapped up. He added that those breaks were fairly common throughout his career and that he did them “once or twice a year.” Leng usually focuses on his health and fitness or experiments with other “potential career paths” during his time off. One thing is certain — he definitely doesn’t play poker or does anything even mildly related to the popular card game.

However, he decided to end his non-poker streak when he saw an opportunity to take part in the WSOPC Main Event on the web. He didn’t even return home to register, as he had just a few minutes to do so. Therefore, he pulled up into a nearby parking lot and used his mobile device to sign up.

The prize pool for the event was $471,000, and Lang ended up winning the lion’s share. More importantly, he won his fourth gold ring, in addition to his WSOP bracelet from 2018.

Reaching the Victory

The path towards the gold ring wasn’t easy. Being one of the latest players to register, he had a short stack in comparison to other players, which was a slight disadvantage from the start. However, he meant business right away, and approximately 40 minutes after the registration period had closed, he already had 10x more chips than he started with.

That’s when the break came, and Lang used that time to fill in the hot tub as he was still aching from his pickleball competition. Therefore, he continued to play the tournament while in the tub. However, when he reached the final table, he decided it was time to get serious, so he turned on his computer and managed to win the event.

By the time he reached three-handed play, he had approximately 75 BBs, as opposed to 10 BBs a piece from his two remaining opponents. He completed the event and went straight to sleep. It turns out that winning in pickleball would cost him $113K.

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