Salt-a-pin Roulette Day 7

holy shit I think I’ll be struck by lightning during the night

20 Draws -> Roulette moves to 30 Draws -> Double RPS win = 120 draws

I planned to spark during the legfest but with such a big discount right from day 1 this changes everything and I don’t know where to spark anymore

EDIT: Dude what’s happening? These free 120 draws are already better than all of my last 3 sparks COMBINED what the hell

Got my 3rd copy of Kaguya, 2 gold moons (Korwa and Metera), Light Ilsa, Tiamat, Grand Sandalphon, Light Juliet, freaking Mugen and Ladiva

My plan was to originally spark the new zodiac and do one last legfest spark during the Zodiac banner in March(if that happens again) but I guess I’ll wait the free draws and spark Grand Jeanne and basically be done with the Flashfest banners for a while. This is the first time I’m so lucky since my first spark 2.5 years ago

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