Screenshot Saturday Featuring Orbital Bullet, Sunny Cup, More

Hello, and welcome to another edition of Screenshot Saturday, where we take a look at the latest little glimpses into future games shared via the #screenshotsaturday tag by developers, publishers, and more…and as this has been a particularly draining couple of weeks for me and for a lot of us (in more ways than one), and as I still have work to do on certain projects and ideas I should already have finished, let’s just skip straight to the latest batch of games to show, shall we? Because they are some mighty fine games indeed!

Exit Limbo- Well, this throwback side-scrolling beat-’em-up was already getting pretty surreal as as, what with it involving a rhino getting knocked out after a train crash and waking up in a dystopian parallel universe, but why not throw in a trip to some version of Hell as well? Regardless of the setting, though, it definitely looks like some fun, classic action.

Orbital Bullet- You know, I never realized that I wanted what I can only describe as a version of Resogun that’s a roguelike action-platformer instead of a shoot-’em-up until I saw this potential beauty. But even without one of Housemarque’s classics for comparison, this gameplay clip showing off some stellar 360-degree action would be more enough to sell me on the concept here.

Sunny Cup- It might be a bit weird for a game with a title such as this to seemingly be set primarily during the evening, but that oddity aside, it certainly looks like a unique racing game with some sweet drift action, as shown off here. If this looks interesting enough to you, then maybe consider giving the demo a shot?

Schim- This puzzler sure has been gaining a lot of steam over the past while, mainly by showcasing the killer shadow-jumping action that makes up the fun-looking gameplay. For a change of pace, though, this time around we get a look behind the scenes, just one of those awesome little moments that shows how much hard work can go into a seemingly simple game.

Black Book- Honestly, considering that this is a card-based RPG game about confronting demons and performing exorcisms, players will be seeing a lot of creepy sights along the way. So this likely comes across as one of the more tame setups, even with the ominous figure and serpent lurking in the background. It does also tell us the unique adventure will have some amazing visuals during it as well, though.

Axe Cop- Look, I may not be the biggest Axe Cop aficionado, but I fail to see how a battle like this ends with anything but Axe Cop taming a crystal creature this awesome and making it into a new mount and best friend. But whatever the outcome, this should hopefully find up being one damn fun and colorful RPG.

Dandy Ace- Ah, the most enjoyable part of a roguelike…the part where you combine so many different effects and passive abilities that every attack you throw now results in a flurry of delightful, powerful chaos. And given the unique setup of a magician trapped in a magic mirror and a bunch of card-based spells to cast, the results here have the potential to be truly fun and enjoyable as well, as seen here.

The Outbound Ghost- Well, this may not be the first game I’ve seen about a ghost investigating their own death and the afterlife – there’s a possibility it may even be around the tenth or so, actually – but the stellar graphics nicely blending a cartoonish paper style with a more realistic 3D setting caught my attention. But of course, the fun characters and nifty setup are a notable draw as well.

Full Circle- So are we really ready to start going all in on any possible odes to PS1-era JRPGs? I’m not sure myself, but I certainly won’t complain about the addition of titles as gorgeous as this. Great setting, nice mix of styles, intriguing world…definitely can’t wait to see more of this in the future as it develops.

Epic Chef- HOW DARE YOU REVEAL OUR SECRET MEETING LOCATI-oh, wait, this is just for the in-game food critics in your quirky and fun-looking fantasy chef simulator? Um, okay, ignore anything you may have seen, heh, good job!

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