Shave Roulette

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9- Col. Conk Natural Shave Soap – Santa Fe Cedar
3- Made Rite 303 (new mixed-hair knot)
5- Supposed to be the Gillette Heritage, but I just used that yesterday waiting for the new numbers (it performed admirably with an aggressive blade.) So I audibled out of that and chose my King of Whiskers straight instead, for a nice long relaxing shave experience
8- Speick aftershave

9 comes up again. I had just swapped out the Gillette shaving cream and now its replacement comes up. I just got this as a throw-in with my last order from The Superior Shave. It appears to be discontinued. It smells awesome. Good thing the company is continuing the scent in its other products. This soap looks like it’s not going to last long though. I made a noticeable dent in the puck in just today’s shave. Needed to load the brush twice; had disappearing-lather issues.

The brush is one of my 1950s butterscotch catalins, made in the USA. 303 was originally a badger cased brush (a ring of badger around a core of boar bristles) and this one’s knot was just plain awful. In recognition of its heritage, the brush still has both badger and boar hair, 20mm worth mixed up in the knot (supplied by Shave Forge). This provides a nice brush experience. Good backbone and only moderate prickle.

The KoW razor was sold locally and is older than 1907. It takes down hair very efficiently. Near BBS and no irritation or cuts today. Solid A- grade for its work.

And Speick AS comes up again. Not that I mind, except that it is pricey to get in the US and I only have the one bottle. I really enjoy the scent and it feels good going on. All in all a good spin today.

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