Slot machine, no power.

I have a traditional 3 reel slot. The glass reads Cherry Delight but I cannot find much info about it. It looks just like a classic Wild Cherry. I do not know the manufacturer but it looks like the IGT ones I have seen in my research.

I have owned this machine for about 20 years. It had its quirks like the coin alarm occasionally going off and needing reset by key when inserting a quarter, but that is not the reason for my post.

Last night I plugged it in for the first time since New Years. Nothing. Nadda. Toggle the power switch up and down a few times (we leave the power in the on position and use the cord to on/off)…dead.

The wall socket has power. Verified that first.

I opened the door and checked all 4 fuses (only 3 are being used however) and they all looked good and all fuses passed basic a continuity test.

There is a small electrical socket inside the machine by the hopper that I plugged a small lamp into which illuminated so I am getting power that far.

I am suspecting the power supply box perhaps? It says 5-522 made by Nemic Lambia. Has V1 V2 V3, each being 5v, 12v, 12v respectively.

I opened it up and saw a small fuse soldered to hopeful. It was good.

I have a very basic multimeter. Was considering checking the voltages on the out terminal screws to determine if the power box is still putting out the right levels. I noticed two two larger brown capacitors had a little swelling on the top. Not much but they were not flat either.

Thoughts? Suggestions?


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