Spain’s Christmas Lottery to Cash Out EUR 2.41BN in Prizes This Year

Spanish Christmas Lottery (Sorteo Extraordinario de Navidad), which is operated by the State Society for State Lotteries and Bets, will cash out EUR 2.41 billion in prizes in 2020. The yearly draw is taking place on December 22nd.

There are 172 million tickets available for purchase, they consist of 172 series of 100,000 ticket numbers.

Different Christmas

Each ticket is split into tenths for sale and one tenth of a ticket sells for EUR 20.

The total sales will be equal to EUR 3.44 billion and 70% of that will be paid in prizes.

The first prize is worth EUR 400,000 per tenth of a ticket, the second prize is worth EUR 125,000 and third prize will total EUR 50,000 per tenth.

Prizes will be paid in each of the series to corresponding ticket holders for every winning combo. The top prize is very likely to cashout EUR 688 million across all series.

Jesus Huerta Almendro, President of Sorteo, said:

“Although this Christmas will be different, there are elements and customs that always remain. One of them is our Christmas Lottery. One of our most deeply rooted traditions, which has been accompanying us one generation after another for more than two centuries, and which gives us that much-needed hope in these difficult times.”

Health Measures Observed

The campaign for the lottery already began…

…and will be broadcast in the media over the coming weeks and the slogan will be “sharing as always, sharing as never before.”

Sorteo has also confirmed that the draw for the lottery will be accompanied by the biggest public health security measures in the history, and will not have the presence of the public.

The draw will take place in Madrid’s Royal Theatre and the operator said that it was working for months with this institution as well as with San Illdefonso school whose students take part in the draw every year. They worked on developing a healthy protocol.

The maximum number of media professionals that are allowed will be reduced by 50%.

The gross gaming revenue in Spain has declined 50% year-on-year between January and October this year.


“Spanish Christmas Lottery to pay out €2.41bn in prizes”,, December 11th, 2020.

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