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U.S. online sports betting is akin to a digital gold rush. Each new state that legalizes online sports betting becomes a new frontier for the companies and operators competing for the U.S. market. In this blog, we will cover the states that have legalized online sports betting as of September 2020 and break down the current state of each market.

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Sports Betting Market Leaders By State

The information below is based on the most recent data as of October 31, 2020, representing the various states that have regulated online sports betting markets. Market Leader refers to the leader for online sports betting. This is not a recommendation to buy or sell securities.

New Jersey

September 2020 Total Handle: $748.6 million

Online Percentage: 89%

Market Leader: FanDuel/Pointsbet

The Garden State has become the success story in U.S. online sports betting. New Jersey, which launched its first legal online sportsbook in the summer of 2018, is now the U.S. leader in online sports betting. The state set a record for single state monthly sports betting handle in the U.S. in August with a total handle of $667.9 million, and then broke its own record in September with a $748.6 million handle.

The state currently has over 10 live online sportsbooks, including DraftKings, FanDuel, BetMGM, William Hill, bet365 and more.

The market leader in New Jersey is FanDuel/PointsBet. FanDuel and PointsBet are both partnered with license holder Meadowlands, therefore, their revenue is reported together. The tandem recorded over $25 million in revenue from online wagers, 62.5% of the market total. According to NJ Gambling Sites, FanDuel Sportsbook is responsible for a majority of that revenue. The runner-up in the New Jersey market is DraftKings/BetStars operating under Resorts license, the duo generated ~$4.8 million in revenue in September.

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September 2020 Total Handle: $575 million

Online Percentage: 54.9%

Market Leader: William Hill

Nevada has a rich history of gambling as the first state to legalize most forms of wagering in 1931. In 2010, Nevada allowed sports betting apps to go live, which opened the door to wagering outside of a physical sportsbook. In September 2020, Nevada posted a $575 million sports betting handle, a 21% increase from the previous month but about $45 million shy of the state record set in November 2019. Online mobile sports betting was responsible for a little over half of the handle in September 2020.

The market leader in Nevada is William Hill. The company boasts 32% of the total gross revenue market share in the state and attributes 69% of its bets taking place through its online channels. William Hill was recently acquired by Caesars Entertainment in a deal that values the company at $3.7 billion.

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September 2020 Total Handle: $462.8 million

Online Percentage: 89.5%

Market Leader: FanDuel

Pennsylvania is becoming one of the hottest online sports betting markets in the United States. I was in Philadelphia in September and every street corner had some sort of sports betting advertisement. The state set a sports betting handle record in August and followed that up with another record in September, reaching $462.8 million.

Online sportsbooks are aggressively going after the market with Penn National Gaming debuting the Barstool Sportsbook app in the state and DraftKings partnering with the Philadelphia Eagles to bring a premium lounge to Lincoln Financial Field.

However, the current market leader in the state is FanDuel. FanDuel sportsbook was responsible for $171.2 million of the September handle, followed by DraftKings ($118.8 million) and Rush Street Interactive ($64 million) via its two sportsbooks.

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Rhode Island

September 2020 Total Handle: $31.3 million

Online Percentage: 44.7%

Market Leader: William Hill

Rhode Island set a record in September 2020 for online betting with a total mobile handle of $14 million. The total handle in September topped $30 million, setting a 2020 record for the state. Rhode Island only has two sportsbooks in the entire state, and both are powered by William Hill, giving William Hill the entire market share.

If you are wondering why Rhode Island only has two sportsbooks in the entire state, taxes could be playing a role. Rhode Island imposes a whopping 51% tax on operators, making The Ocean State the highest taxed sports betting jurisdiction in the world.

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September 2020 Total Handle: $207.5 million

Online Percentage: 83.5%

Market Leader: DraftKings

Indiana, like many other states on this list, hit a sports betting handle all-time high in September, surpassing $200 million for the first time. Sports betting in Indiana launched in October 2019 with three books, DraftKings, FanDuel, and BetRivers, and the former is the current market leader. DraftKings closed out September with 43.1% of the handle, totaling $89.4 million. Following DraftKings was FanDuel with 27.2% market share at $56.5 million in handle and BetMGM with $13.1 million in handle.

The current market leaders will need to keep an eye out for William Hill / Caesars who made their intent to enter the market clear by signing a multi-year deal with the Indianapolis Colts.

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September 2020 Total Handle: $72.4 million

Online Percentage: 69.1%

Market Leader: William Hill

Iowa legalized sports betting in May 2019 and William Hill, Elite Sportsbook, and PointsBet launched later in the year. In September 2020, the state hit a sports betting all-time high with $72.4 million in total handle. The overall online handle of $50 million during the month was also a record high for the state. William Hill, the market leader, accounted for 25% of the overall handle at $18.3 million in bets, followed by DraftKings in second with just under $7 million in wagers.

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September 2020 Total Handle: $139.8 million

Online Percentage: 88.5%

Market Leader: BetRivers

The sports betting handle in Illinois rose to $139.8 million in August, a 166.7% increase from July. The market leader for the month was BetRivers, which accounted for around 85% of the total handle during the month. However, this type of market share should not be expected to be maintained. Due to pandemic related in-person registrations closures and a complicated executive order by the governor, FanDuel and DraftKings were essentially unable to register new users for the entire month.

September should look different as it will be the first full month where FanDuel and DraftKings can freely onboard users. Also, William Hill and PointsBet entered the market in September. All this new competition should cut into BetRivers’ 85% market share from August.

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West Virginia

September 2020 Total Handle: $76.9 million

Online Percentage: 77%

Market Leader: DraftKings

Sports betting in West Virginia saw a major boost from August to September. Total handle increased 90%, while revenue jumped 133% month-over-month. Currently, there are four major players operating in the state – William Hill, FanDuel, BetMGM, and the market leader, DraftKings.

Since launching in August 2019, DraftKings and its partner in the state, Hollywood Sportsbook, have seen $296 million in handle, with $94 million of that total coming from online bets.

BetMGM and FanDuel operate under the same license with The Greenbrier. The combined groups have brought in a total handle of $143 million, with $131 million of that total taking place online.

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September 2020 Total Handle: $207 million

Online Percentage: 98.4%

Market Leader: Unknown

Colorado sports betting has been on fire since its launch in May 2020. Sports betting in the state has seen a month-to-month increase in overall betting handle for five consecutive months. In July, CO passed $50 million in total handle for the first time; in September, the monthly handle surpassed $200 million. The growth can be attributed to a surge in online app accessibility. Bettors in Colorado can already wager on over ten different mobile apps, including DraftKings, FanDuel, BetMGM, BetRivers, and more. Users seem to be buying into the digital experience with over 98.4% bets being placed online since July 2020.

Unfortunately, Colorado does not release sports handle or revenue by operator.

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September 2020 Total Handle: $26 million

Online Percentage: 100%

Market Leader: DraftKings-SBTech / Oregon Lottery

Oregon sports betting is complicated to say the least. The state only allows bettors to wager online through one app, Scoreboard, which is a partnership between the Oregon Lottery and SBTech. The app launched in October 2019 and as of March 2020, the Oregon Lottery had lost $2 million on the venture despite seeing ~$6 million in revenue. This is due to a complicated arrangement between the Oregon Lottery and SBTech who, according to Legal Sports Report, may have the better end of this deal. DraftKings and SBTech merged back in April 2020.

Oregon set a sports betting all-time high in September with $26 million in handle with football responsible for the majority of the action.

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Washington DC

September 2020 Total Handle: $15.4 million

Online Percentage: 20%

Market Leader: GameBet

Just like Oregon, online sports betting in Washington DC is only allowed through a government operated app. Washington DC allows bettors to wager online through GameBetDC, an app operated by the DC Lottery. The app has a 1.6 out of 5 rating in the Apple Store and is being dominated by the only alternative in the city, the land-based William Hill sportsbook in the Capital One Arena.

In September, the William Hill retail sportsbook saw $12.2 million in wagers, close to four times more than the $3.2 million wagered on GameBetDC during the month.

Despite having the advantage of being the exclusive online offering, GameBetDC’s competition is only getting stronger. William Hill is opening a brand new luxurious sportsbook and premium lounge in the Capital One Arena in 2021 (the current set up is temporary due to the pandemic) and FanDuel is set to launch a retail sportsbook with D.C. United inside Audi Field.

Related Companies: William Hill


State Monthly Handle Online Percentage Market Leader
New Jersey $748.6 million 89% FanDuel/Pointsbet
Nevada $575 million 54.90% William Hill
Pennsylvania $462.8 million 89.50% FanDuel
Rhode Island $31.3 million 44.70% William Hill
Indiana $207.5 million 83.50% DraftKings
Iowa $72.4 million 69.10% William Hill
Illinois $139.8 million 88.50% BetRivers
West Virginia $76.9 million 77% DraftKings
Colorado $207 million 98.40% Unknown
Oregon $26 million 100% DraftKings-SBTech / Oregon Lottery
Washington DC $15.4 million 20% *GameBet

All information is based on September 2020 data except for Illinois which is based off of August 2020 data. *William Hill is the overall market leader in Washington DC but GameBet, the DC Lottery App, is the online market leader in Washington DC because they are the only sportsbook allowed to accept online wagers.

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