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I liked the idea of being able to make a deposit with PayPal so I made a deposit. I was asked if I wanted a sports or casino bonus and I declined on both them. The money was transferred from PayPal to my account at premiersportsbook in minutes.

I played roulette for a few days waiting till the weekend so I could place some NFL wagers and took my $50 account up to $1030 in a couple days.

Yesterday I was sent this “Good evening, I am sorry to bother you and even more with what I have to say but. Our security department just called me because the account has been playing casino with no casino bonus and our software does not allow that in order for you to continue playing casino only and be able to cashout the account requires to have a bonus to complete the rollover and then we can pay you out. I thought you were going to play sports for sports there is no restrictions you can play with no bonus and if you win then we pay you out. That is why the security department added your initial deposit back if you want a bonus I can add one now. So you can continue playing.

When I logged into my account, sure enough my account went from over $1000 to $50 all because I did not take a bonus that I was not made aware of originally. Now they won’t respond when I told them to just give me a $50 withdrawal.

Just wanted to share so nobody else runs into this problem.

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