The best r/poker memes of 2020

Never tell me the odds

“you have 99.5% chance of surviving coronavirus as a healthy young adult” poker players: from r/poker

We don’t get it but you probably do

Finally on the river!! My first ever!!!! from r/poker

Lex vs Spraggy in the SCOOP Main

the hardest choices require the strongest wills from r/poker

Realistic chip porn

In for $600 out for $0 at my local card room 1/2nl , I ONLY played 5 hours! The run good is real guys! from r/poker

Realistic graph porn

i decided to take poker seriously. Here’s my graph of winning $100k over 80k hands from r/poker

AK is a drawing hand

Ill hit it on the river surely from r/poker

Still lost tho from r/poker

The only coaching you need

At Least it looks cool… from r/poker

We have social distanced for years

Yes indeed from r/poker

Money is just the way we keep score

They are just chips, right? from r/poker

The real villain

Rounders’ villain vs. Rounders’ actual villain. from r/poker

2020 has been hard

A week in from r/poker

20%, every time

Every (20%) time from r/poker

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Barry Carter

Barry Carter

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