The best thing that happened to me chapter one.

Chapter one There’s a ton of reasons to enjoy life and there’s a ton of reasons not to. But I only have one reason every day to get up out of my bed and begin my day. Her. Annalisa Honda. My 17 year old dream. I’m only a year younger but I still find myself staring at her beautiful body at ever chance I get. This girl could stop a grown mans heart. One look at her and you’re hooked. That long silky black hair,her thin but not too thin thighs, that set of nickers she has is a ten in my book. But whom am I kidding? A dork like me could never be a hero for this lovely maiden. But I have confirmed that she likes the nerdy types. She is infact perfect waifu. She likes to knit. She loves to cook and boy does she enjoy eating. She could get thick. But she somehow doesn’t. How she does it is beyond me. But I am hoping to one day share my feelings with her. I just don’t have the confidence to do so. She even goes to the same school as me. And I’ve been watching her carefully. This girl is perfect to toy with. I could definitely hunt her down. Oh I’m sorry did you think that I love her? No. I want to kill her. She would make the perfect prey. I lick my lips. I bet she would taste so good too. When I take everything from her. Including that flower she holds so dear. Oh yes I can’t wait to see the look on her face when I take her. She won’t be my first. Oh no. I’ve had many. And I believe I will have many more after her. After our final class ends, I follow her home and wait until night. Then I turn off the power to her house. This is going to be so easy. I wait until she’s in bed and I creep my way into her bedroom. She’s not expecting me. Then suddenly I feel a pain in my head. Shit. I’ve been hit with something. I turn and see Annalisa holding a bat. I back up. “Woah!” I say in a gentle voice. “Come on now. Let’s not be hasty.” I tackle her and she screams. I let her feel my buldge in my pants. She struggles against me and I wrestle her to the ground. I manage to tie her up with a rope I brought just in case she put up a fight. I tie her wrists gently. And bind her feet too. Then I begin to lick her legs. Those sexy juicy legs of hers. I start from the feet and make my way up her thighs and flick my tongue just a little at her panties. She screams again. Oh? I flick my tongue on her panties again. She begins to breath heavy. And I have her now. She begins to plead with me. “Please stop.”she whimpers. I lick again and she squeels. Then I wrip off her panties violently. She screams. “No!” I begin to really lick her now. She wreaths and wiggles trying to get away. But she can’t escape me. I ravage her. Licking ferociously now. She begins to moan loudly. As I have my way with her. She begins to enjoy it. Well since she is enjoying it. I suppose I should make it worth my while and finish the job. I begin to pull out my pocket knife as I suddenly hear a knocking at the door. Shit! She’s supposed to be home alone! I put my knife back into my pocket and open the window. I check to see how high I have to jump and then jump. Sure enough, this time I was careless. Next time she will be alone for sure. I run through the bushes as fast as I can and make sure to hide when there’s a light. Oh yes. I can get with this. I always do. The next day Annalisa never came to school. There were rumors that someone broke into her house and raped her. Everyone is feeling sad today. “Hey Rori!” I hear my friend Yoshiro call me. I turn and look at him. “What’s up?” I ask. He looks at me with a frown on his face. “Well for one, definitely not anyone’s mood today.And two, you forgot to meet me at the gym during lunch period lug head.” I shrug. “Sorry Yoshiro. I’ve been worried about Annalisa. She’s here today. And she never missed a day of school. Ever!” I complain feigning innocence. Yoshiro looks at me funny. “Yeah she’s been down at the police station all morning. She’s been raped you know. It’s going to be hard for her to come back to school after trauma like that.” Says Yoshiro in a nonchalant way. I shake my head in faked anger. “The douchebag who did it better watch is ass around me. I’ll kick it.” I snap. Yoshiro pats my head. “Uhhuh. Sure ya will. You can’t even take down your old man. And he’s been a massive jerk. Both to you and your poor mother.” He mocks me. I smack his hand away. “Yeah? And you could?” I snap. He shakes his head. “You kidding? I’m too terrified of his gun to try that shit.” He laughs. Then I catch on and laugh too. He’s just being friendly. And making fun is what friends do. Ok. I got this. I get it now. I am usually watching anime or manga. But I never caught on until now. Friends do this. I guess I really can call him a friend,but just how much of me can he handle?

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