Three-Day-Only Points for Presents Promo at Station Casinos Launches December 15

December is a time for celebration, family, friends, fun… and a few gifts! From December 15-17, the Station Casinos Points for Presents promotion arrives and lets guests redeem their Boarding Pass points for special presents!

Here’s what you need to know:

When is Points For Presents?

The Points for Presents promotion occurs daily on December 15 – 17 from 11am – 7pm.

Where can I participate in Points For Presents?

The promotion will occur at Santa Fe, Sunset, Boulder Station, Red Rock, and GVR.

Once you are at your favorite casino, you can visit:

  • The Estancia Ballroom (GVR)
  • The Catering Space (RR)
  • The Buffet (SS, SF, PS, BS)

What is Points for Presents?

  1. Guests will redeem their points for various Station Casinos presents/gifts.
  2. All Boarding Pass points on a guest’s account are eligible to be redeemed for presents at the shop, except pari-mutuel points.
  3. Any points that are redeemed for a present will be removed from guest’s account. Points are not returned to guests’ accounts.
  4. Points will no longer be on guest’s account after purchasing a present.
  5. Gifts start at 1,000 Boarding Pass Points.
  6. Guests will use an order form to trade their points for presents and redeem through the shop promotion process
    1. Check-in with front kiosk and enter the shop to browse.
    2. Guest will “check-out” with promotions team member and sign off on purchase.
    3. Guest will head to “fulfillment” area and a team member will bag gifts for guest.
  7. The gifts might look familiar — they are all previous Station Casinos Gift Days and supplies are limited.
  8. Gifts are not guaranteed or the same as pictured in the advertisement.

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